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Leading the way in Ultra Hi Definition 4K LED displays.

At InfiLED EM International, we are more than just LED screen specialists. In fact, since our establishment in 2009, we have been working hard to deliver not just screens, but complete LED solutions. - one's that meet and exceed our clients expectations.

We are one of the fastest growing LED manufacturers in the world, having LED display manufacturing facilities in China and service centre's in Australia, the Netherlands and the UAE, as well as our UK HQ. InfiLED EM International also has installations in 78 countries, across all continents, we therefore pride ourselves on our innovation, engineering and research and design capabilities. This is shown by the fact we have over 80 patents in place.

As well as one of our main strengths being in design, our precise engineering and exceptional quality standards ( We are certified with ISO14001, ISO9001 & OHSAS18001), allows our products to be robust in both fixed and rental installation. We are proud of our global reputation as a leader in rental supply, which is underpinned by the brilliance of the quality of the visual effect of our displays.

InfiLED EM International has dedicated creative services, installation and maintenance professionals as part of the core team delivering our turnkey solutions to clients. This means our clients experience a seamless service from inception to implementation.

Why infiLED?

10 steps to the infiLED Experience.

  • infiLED design and build high quality bespoke LED displays and solutions

  • infiLED displays are front and rear serviceable from P1.2mm

  • infiLED have over 80 patents covering invention and manufacture

  • infiLED provide a full turnkey solution

  • infiLED only sell our products

  • infiLED deliver in 6-8 weeks

  • infiLED commission and support our products worldwide

  • infiLED offer up to a 5 year warranty

  • infiLED provide Opex and product buy back plans

  • infiLED have service centres across five continents


“The nature of the technology that were looking to deploy needed to provide high-definition coupled with ease of creating and changing material. This caused us to look at the screen’s ability to deploy decent images and software, at a cost and at a quality where everybody felt comfortable. But also working with a supplier that had product that was going to last the test of time, and I believe we ended up with that solution with infiLED. Everybody was blown away by the quality, and the reviews that we’ve been having as an organisation, since we installed it, have been quite remarkable ”

Kevin Borley, Head of Innovation & Technology – Bristol Airport

“The Broad Street Mall shopping centre has seen a huge increase in revenue from the installation in partnership with infiLED, and we have a very happy client. Just want to say huge well done to our team and infiLED for getting this in on time and doing such a professional job”

Lee Warren, Head of Retail & Commercialisation - Project AV

“infiLED products are incredibly easy to both install and use, and this just makes our job 10x easier ”

Wayne Whitson, Managing Director – WCE-AV Whitson Conference & Events Ltd

“At The Clear Idea we couldn’t have delivered such a great vehicle without the assistance of our partners at infiLED. Their support is second to none and they always go the extra mile to provide a level of assurance around the LED aspect of the vehicle which means we can focus on our core skills of the vehicle build. There are a lot of LED suppliers on the market, however, in our experience no other LED product is supported as well as the infiLED displays. We look forward to creating more LED vehicles with them in the months to come. ”

Jonathan Bramley, Managing Director – The Clear Idea.

“We were really pleased to be asked again to assist Tesco with their Pride 2018 float after the success of the 2017 vehicle. It’s fair to say Tesco always go the extra mile when it comes to their parade vehicle and this year was no exception. They continued with the interactive LED displays whilst also adding a lot more features including a Kiss Cam and digital decibel-o-meter which released rainbow streamers out the back of the truck! ”

Jonathan Bramley, Managing Director - The Clear Idea.

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